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I share tips & learnings as a product designer & developer.


sharing my experience as a startup founder & 0-1 product designer who codes.

How I Manage My Tasks & Reach My Goals as a Startup Founder

There are a thousand things to do, you work tirelessly, and yet the important things don’t seem to get done and your goals seem as far as it was last quarter. In this blog I’ll cover the system I follow to manage my tasks to reach my goals every week & every quarter.

Putri Karunia2023-07-14

How I Avoid Burnout & Deal with Anxiety as a Founder

Being a founder is not easy, there’s always a thousand things going on at the same. Not knowing what comes next or if you’re doing enough can lead to burnout and anxiety. In this blog I’m sharing what I did to handle them.

Putri Karunia2022-06-05

How to Design a User-Friendly UI/UX – Our Experience on Building Typedream

Typedream’s UI/UX is our biggest value for the nocode community. Find a checklist of what we do for every new feature.

Putri Karunia2022-05-26

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